Use A Professional Photo Studio For Your Growing Company's Website Headshots

18 October 2022
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Is your business growing and you are ready to install an executive team or an official board for your leaders? Are you perhaps even creating a board of directors for the first time and filing to become a corporation? Part of this process will likely include uploading photos of your board or leaders onto the company website and you might want to include the photos within other company documents as well. To that end, one investment worth making at this juncture would be to retain the services of a professional photo studio to shoot your executive team or board's headshots. Here's why professional photos for your leaders are a good idea.

A Professional Appearance Can Help Attract Serious Investors or Business Partners

If you are trying to bring in new investors or business partners and you will be using an online portal or site to attract attention, you don't want your business partners or top employees to look like they are still in high school or working out of their mother's basement. A professional headshot in a studio creates a professional and uniform appearance for all employees who have a photo on the site and this professional look will be part of the first impression that potential investors or partners receive when they look at your site.

Professional Photos in a Studio Will Have Everyone Putting Their Best Face Forward

While you could ask your board or leaders to get dressed up and take the best selfie or personal portrait that they can, this will still likely lead to different backgrounds or perspectives in each photo, and employees or leaders likely won't have the benefit of the best possible lighting or makeup like they might if they used a professional photography studio. Going the professional route for your headshots lets every employee look their very best for a photo that your company might use for the next five to 10 years on the company site and in a number of other places.

Offer a Feeling of Authenticity and Trust to Any Potential Client or Customer Who Views Your Site or Portal

People want to feel like they can trust the company they are doing business with. Putting up professional-looking headshots on your company website or sales portal puts a face to the voice on the phone or the name in the email. It can help lend some authenticity to your company, especially if you are still small or starting out.

Contact a photographer — such as Luminous Space — that can help you put together a studio business portrait or a series of headshots for your company leaders or employees and help create a professional vibe and a great first impression on the company website.