Custom Pedestals — Showcase Photographs And Other Forms Of Artwork

12 July 2023
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Use custom pedestals to display photographs, statues, and other forms of artwork. Review the guidelines below to help you choose features for the custom art pedestals that you will be investing in.

Pedestal Materials

Wood, laminate, glass, and plastic are durable materials that can be used to construct an entire pedestal or specific parts of one.

If you would like to set up pedestals in high-traffic areas, choose pedestal materials that are durable and easy to clean. A manufacturer of custom pedestal products may use a sealant or another type of protective coating to preserve pedestal materials that are prone to becoming rusted or stained. 

Pedestal Styles

Pedestals can be designed to draw attention to the colors and textures that are featured in photographs, lithographs, and other pieces that you will be displaying.

A manufacturer of custom products may request details about the artwork that you plan on displaying. This will inspire the manufacturer to choose a specific pedestal shape or accent materials when drawing up the plans for each custom product that will be constructed.


A cover will protect photographs or other forms of artwork from becoming dirty while on display. A clear plastic or glass cover can be attached directly to a pedestal. This type of cover may feature hinges or latches.

If you do not wish to cover artwork all of the time, purchase pedestals that come with loose covers. The use of a loose cover will allow you to take control of how each pedestal will be set up.

On occasions when you will be displaying valuable photographs or statues, a cover can be secured to the top of each pedestal. When less valuable pieces will be on display, or when you are planning on switching out some of the artwork that will be featured, you can omit using the covers.

Storage Features

Custom pedestals can be designed to store photographs and other artwork that won't actively be on display. A storage compartment that is built into the bottom of a pedestal will protect the artwork. Access to a storage compartment will allow you to keep collections secure and organized all of the time.

LED Lights

Lights that are built into the design of a pedestal will draw attention to each display that you have set up. LED lights that surround the top or bottom of a pedestal will greatly enhance the beauty of each piece of artwork that you are featuring.