Eloping? 4 Reasons To Work With Multiple Photographers

19 July 2022
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More and more couples are discovering the freedom, personalization, and intimacy of an elopement wedding. If you're one of them, one person you'll need to include no matter what your plans are is an elopement photographer. But should you bring two photographers rather than just one? The answer may be yes, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Outdoor Conditions Change Fast

Outdoor weddings are always a risk. But outdoor elopements can be even more so. They often take place in nonstandard venues or even an outdoor location that has no venue at all. This means you could be subject to everything from changing weather to the moving sun to wind or even bystanders in the way. The quicker you can get the pictures you want and organize things, the less risk you have. 

2. You Won't Have Backups

Depending on the location of your elopement ceremony, you may be far away from the convenience of modern life. While this makes for a special and intimate ceremony, it also means you don't have access to extra supplies, retail stores, or even electricity. You must bring everything you need with you, including things you may need in an emergency or if something fails. Two professional photographers serve as a backup for one another. 

3. The Locations are Unique

Where do you want to elope? Because many people who choose these nuptials want something off the beaten path, your venue will be a unique and exciting experience. The positive side of this is that good photographers have more chances to capture what makes this spot special. However, it also means that they may face unique challenges and unexpected terrain. Two pros working in tandem will maximize the pluses and minimizes the challenges.

4. You've Saved Elsewhere

One of the main perks of an elopement instead of a big, traditional wedding is the financial savings. Because you aren't renting a large space and paying for food and decor for many guests, you can spend more on other things that are important to you. Your wedding day photos are some of the most lasting mementos you'll have. A wise couple puts extra funds into ensuring they get the best photos possible.

Where to Start

Could your elopement be better by working with a team of photographers? No matter whether you need to maximize the location's potential, reduce the risk of problems, or make the most of your budget, this one move might be one of the best decisions you make. Meet with an elopement photographer in your destination locale today to learn more. 

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