Hire A Family Photographer When Your Child Graduates From College

23 February 2022
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A child's college graduation is one of the biggest moments in the life of your family, so you'll want to document it in several ways. Attending the graduation ceremony and snapping your own photos will be important, but you may wish to hire a local photographer who specializes in family photo shoots to capture some images on the campus at a later date. Even if you order the college's official graduation portraits of your child, it can be nice to have some additional, professional-quality photos to display in your home and share with family. Here are some ideas that you can discuss with the photographer.

First-Year Dorm

When your child moved into their first-year dorm, you likely got a number of photos of them in front of the building on this day. It can be fun to revisit the campus with your child after they've graduated and have your family photographer shoot some images in the same area. If you provide the photographer with the photos you took several years prior, they can recreate them with your child — perhaps while they're wearing their graduation cap and holding their diploma. You may then wish to display the original photo and the recreation in a double frame in your home.

Statue Or Sign

Another popular backdrop for your child's graduation photo shoot should be a sign that identifies the school or a notable statue on campus. Your child will be able to suggest some of these areas to you. A photo of your child in a celebratory pose in front of a campus sign, for example, can be a photo that tells the story of their accomplishment. You'll likely want to have the photographer take some photos of you and your spouse with your child in this spot, as parents almost always play a role in their child's academic success. If you have other children, a family photo in this area can also be valuable to you.

Graduation Cap Toss

If your child and their classmates tossed their graduation caps in the air on the day of the ceremony, you might have taken a blurry photo of this moment from afar. Given the importance of this action, it can be fun to recreate so that a professional photographer can take some shots. You'll want to choose a suitable backdrop for the cap toss. Some people may favor doing so in front of the campus football stadium, as graduation ceremonies often occur in this venue. Your child can toss their cap as many times as the photographer wants until they snap the perfect frame. Talk to someone in family photography to arrange a post-graduation shoot for your child.