Tips For Finding A Great Adventure Elopement Photographer

19 January 2022
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Eloping is a special way to get married, and an adventure elopement only makes the occasion more unique. If you're eloping out-of-town, make sure you memorialize the wedding with excellent pictures -- pictures that you can display for your own recall and that you can show people who weren't there. These tips will help you find a great photographer to take the photos.

Find a Photographer in the Area

Choose a photographer who's local to the area where you're going for the elopement. A local photographer will have taken pictures throughout the area, and they'll know the best places to get photos. They'll know where you should go for the best background, how to best position themselves for the perfect shot, and what time of day offers the best lighting.

Although you might know a good photographer from your hometown, go with someone who lives where you're eloping instead. Someone who lives near you won't know the best places to take photographs where you're eloping, no matter how good they might be.

Have the Photographer Hire an Assistant

Elopement photographers sometimes work solo and sometimes hire an assistant. Ask whatever photographer you choose to hire an assistant for your wedding.

An assistant who can take pictures will help get any impromptu moments that might arise during the elopement -- and there almost always are some unplanned yet memorable events. While the primary photographer will position themselves for the best-planned photo, the assistant can move about as opportunities arise.

Ask for Discounts With Area Vendors

Photographers who are well-connected within their community may be able to offer discounts with other vendors. Vendors who frequently work the same weddings together are apt to give each other's clients discounts, as a means of encouraging vendors to recommend each other.

Ask your chosen photographer whether they know of any discounts other vendors might offer you. Any discount you're able to obtain will offset part of your payment to the photographer.

Check Whether Their Schedule is Flexible

Adventurous elopements often involve a good amount of time outdoors, and that exposes your plans to undesirable weather. Weather can not only cause you to change plans, but it can also make taking pictures more difficult. 

Ask whether a photographer's schedule is flexible before you hire them. Someone with a flexible schedule will be able to make a literal rain check if the weather doesn't cooperate on your initially chosen day. Shutterfreek is an example of a place you can contact for more information.