Getting Married? 4 Reasons To Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

27 September 2021
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When you begin to plan your wedding, you may realize how much is involved with getting everything ready for the special day. You can go through the process one-by-one in finding a venue and hiring vendors, or you can choose a wedding package that includes many vendors.

Even when you pick a package, you will often have some flexibility. This makes it possible to rent a photo booth whether you do all the planning or get assistance. Demanding a photo booth for your wedding is worthwhile for the benefits it provides you and your guests.

Unique Designs

While you may know that you are going to use a photographer to provide incredible photos, you can get unique designs from a photo booth. For instance, you can pick from all sorts of borders, themes, and photo styles. Some popular styles include sepia or black and white.

Many photo booths will have special themes for birthdays, holidays, and more. So you want to make sure that the one you choose has at least one wedding theme. This will allow you and your guests to take photos that match the occasion and attire everyone is wearing.


When you get planned photos with your photographer, you may want to take them seriously by smiling and looking normal. However, a photo booth rental gives you an opportunity to take photos with all sorts of fun and wild expressions that you would not normally do. You may even want to prioritize a photo booth with full privacy on the inside to encourage these expressions.


While it depends on each person's childhood, you may remember taking photos with your friends at photo booths when you were a kid. A photo booth at your wedding is the perfect place to bring back memories, especially if you are still close with people from your childhood.

In some cases, you can use old photo booth prints as inspiration for new ones. You can even replicate the same expressions with the same friends many years later.

Instant Photos

When your wedding comes to an end, you usually wait weeks or months to get all your photos in a large collection. However, you can get instant photos with a photo booth. You will be able to put these photos up around your house or on your refrigerator as soon as you get home.

Renting a photo booth has many benefits to enjoy when you get married. For more information, contact a rental company like Oh Snap Photo Booths.