3 Tips For Going Through The Video Editing Process

10 August 2021
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Are you planning to have a professional video made for your company and turning to professionals to get the job done? If so, it will help to know these tips that will help the editing process.

Know How To View A Rough Cut

The first thing that you see from your video editor is not going to be anywhere near the final product. It is likely going to be a rough cut, where things are still in a very crude form, but the overall outline of the video is there—it just still needs to be polished. The purpose of showing you a rough cut is to essentially make sure that the content is all in place before all of the finishing work is done. The editor wants to make sure that they are using the right takes, that the script for the voice-over is correct, and that you are liking any music or sound effects included in the video. 

Now is not the time to comment on the audio mix or the color correction. Instead, you'll want to focus on the content that you are watching. That is because the picture needs to be locked before the editor can move on to the finishing work.

Be Detailed With Stock Search Requests

Your video production company is likely going to be shooting a lot of stuff for your video on set to capture exactly what you want. However, there may be a need to find stock media to help fill in the gaps. This could either be in the form of stock music or stock footage.

When making a request for stock, know that the editor is essentially searching for media that someone else made. If you are searching for stock footage and video, be specific with what you want to find. This could include taking still images from other videos you've seen online that represent the shot composition. When providing information for a stock music search, give plenty of details about the genre, mood, and instrumentation of the track you want. It even helps to find a pop music track that you like as an example to find something similar to it. 

Give Concise Feedback

Anytime you do give feedback on a cut, it's important that you take your time and be concise about what you want to change. Take your time and watch the video several times, write down your thoughts, and organize them in a way that makes sense. Small changes can sometimes have a ripple effect on your entire video, so it's important that your editor knows all of your revision requests at the same time. 

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