4 Kid Photo Backdrop Ideas For Superhero Shoots

8 April 2021
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Children love to dress and roleplay. One of the common themes children are often drawn to is superheroes. Kids love to wear capes, dress up, and act out their favorite superhero moves. You can capture this special stage in their life with the use of photo backdrops.

Multiple backdrop designs cater directly to the superhero theme. Learn about some of your backdrop options and how to capture fun and unique images of your child.

1. Clouds

A cloudy sky backdrop not only adds a nice visual to any type of in-studio photography, but the clouds provide an ideal superhero background. With the background effect, you can make images look like a child is soaring high up in the sky.

A child can pose with their arms out wide or up high in front of the kid photo backdrop. The pictures will be bright and vivid with the background.

2. City Landscape

Similar to the cloud picture, photos may feature a child standing in front of a city landscape photo background. Along with flying poses, cities represent the home to many superhero characters. A child can wear different costumes to showcase various heroes. Make it look like the child is overlooking the buildings and protecting the city.

Some ground-level city landscapes can also create fun superhero battle scene photos. 

3. Nature

Many superheroes have a connection to nature. Choose from a variety of nature-based backgrounds. For example, a lush forest background represents some of the lands of many superhero series. You could also showcase a large field backdrop to represent different superhero homes as well.

Browse through various backdrop nature themes to see what ideas fit with the various heroes your child dresses up as.

4. Color Spectrum Backdrops

Superheroes often have iconic and distinct colors that match their themes. Purchase backdrops with the color combinations to create a basic background that allows the costume to stand out. For example, some heroes feature a red and yellow costume design with red as the primary color. You may select a yellow background to help compliment the red and create a bright visual.

Some backgrounds can feature a mix of colors to help showcase specific designs. Consider the purchase of a red, white, and blue background. Many superhero costumes use these colors.

You could also purchase more than one background so you have multiple options to choose from when creating your superhero photo shoots. Reuse backdrops as a child grows older and help create memories to last for years come. For more information about kid photo backdrops, contact a supplier.