Working With A Real Estate Photographer To Get The Perfect Shots For Your Listing

19 January 2021
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When you are listing a property for sale either through a real estate agent or on your own, one of the things that can be helpful is good photographs to go with the listing. In today's competitive real estate market, real estate aerial photography can showcase a property, make your listing stand out, and attract potential buyers if it is done right.

The Big Picture

There are a lot of professional photographers that can provide photos that will stand out. Still, when you have real estate aerial photography done for a property, the photographer needs to capture the entire property in a way that takes skill and experience. Simply snapping a picture from an elevated position is not going to produce that jaw-dropping image that you want people to see when they first see your listing. 

The height of the images is critical because if it is too high, it is hard to see details. Likewise, if it is too low, the image will not show the entire property, and it will not provide that wow factor you are looking for. The camera position, the angle chosen for the images, and the technical settings used will make a difference, so it is vital that the photographer you use can produce that for you.

Drone Images

Real estate aerial photography started with photographers using large poles to get the height they needed for the images, but drones are becoming more popular for these images, and many photographers are even using them to capture video from above that still images can be extracted from. A real estate photographer that is good with a drone can get many different angles and heights and allow you to select what you like best for your listing.

Often they will make a video for you that allows you to offer a virtual tour of the outside of the property or to show proximity to water, woods, stores, or schools and helps people get a better picture of the property's location. Being a good drone operator does not always mean you are a good photographer, though, so it is essential to work with a real estate photographer that started as a photographer then expanded to drone work.

Two For One

Some real estate aerial photographers work out of a studio or company that has several photographers in it. Hiring a service like this can offer you the best of both worlds, with photographers that specialize in their product but a company that can tie it all together for you with great images, video, and other services at one fair price.

For more information, contact a real estate aerial photography service.