4 Ways To Use Christmas Lights In Wedding Photography

9 November 2020
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If you are planning a winter wedding, you have a lot of options for themes, decorations, and props. As you plan your wedding photography, consider the ways to use Christmas lights for the photos. Lights are festive, colorful, and can add a lot of pop to your pictures. Use some of these ideas or branch off them to create unique visions of your own.

1. Soft Ambient Lighting

Instead of relying on a flash or bright artificial lighting, consider taking a few wedding portraits under the soft ambient presence of Christmas lights. When you use ambient lighting, a collection of white Christmas lights work well. You can position the lights to create dynamic shadows, unique tones, and a soft focus on the wedding couple.

When you book wedding photography packages, you can present the idea to the photographer so they are prepared. You may hang the lights overhead or have them shine upwards from below to create soft fill light.

2. Christmas Lights Wedding Arch

If you have a wedding arch at your ceremony, then you can add a nice holiday touch by wrapping Christmas lights around the whole arch. The lit-up arch provides gorgeous visuals as you and your spouse stand under the lights.

When choosing light colors for the arch, you can select lights that match your wedding colors. For example, if you carry a purple bouquet of flowers, you can string purple Christmas lights on the arch to match.

3. Detail Photos

Use close-ups of Christmas lights for your detail photos. For example, you could have a photographer lay a string of lights across a tabletop and place a ring near one of the lights. The light will reflect and shine off the stones of the ring to create detailed photography.

Along with the ring, you can use the lights to showcase other detail photos like wedding shoes or flowers.

4. Christmas Light Word Displays

Use Christmas lights to spell out letters or words for photography backdrops. For example, you could cut out large cardboard letters of you and your spouse's initials, wrap them in lights, and set up the letters for a photo. You can stand behind or in front of the letters to create unique visuals for photos.

Brainstorm to come up with different creative word designs to spell out with Christmas lights. For example, you could spell out "Merry Forever", "Christmas Love", or " Holiday Soulmates". You could even create different words to have a whole series of photos.

Plan out all of the ideas and come up with even more by contacting a wedding photographer.