5 Tips To Capture Great Wedding Day Candid Photos

13 August 2020
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Candid shots often end up being the unexpected surprises that make your wedding album great. But — counter-intuitively — getting the best candid photos takes a little planning. How can you set up an atmosphere that lends itself to great candids? Here are a few tips any bride or groom can try.

1. Hire a Second Photographer. The more your photographer is wandering around the venue, interacting with people, and finding unexpected angles, the more opportunities they have to capture all the emotions and surprises. So why not double your chances by having a second photographer working the event as well? It may cost a little extra, but you only get one chance to get it right. 

2. Gather People Together. Want fun, emotional, joyous, or romantic reactions from people? Get them interacting with one another. But they can't do that if they're all in different places. So create opportunities for interaction by gathering people in smaller rooms, getting groups together rather than individuals, and encouraging hands-on activities.

3. Use Some Props. Props give people something to do with their hands and something to focus on aside from their anxieties or stress. It even helps them forget that the photographer is there with a camera. Props can be anything from fun signs in the photo booth to umbrellas or coats (depending on the weather) to flowers or even pieces of wedding cake. Your photographer will likely love the idea because it helps them encourage spontaneity. 

4. Keep It Moving. If you aren't getting a lot of good candid moments, get people on the move. Schedule time for the bride and groom to take a walk together with a photographer and relax a little, letting down their guard. Get bridesmaids and groomsmen outside and on the move. Let kids move and play. Have an impromptu dance session with your attendants. Movement helps people get comfortable and provides changing expressions and angles. 

5. Capture Alone Time. Finally, don't make the photos all about groups and interactions. Alone time is also important. Your photographers should capture some private moments with both people about to get married as well as their first moments after the nuptials. Ask the photographer to spend a little time talking with wedding party members as well as close family, capturing their point of view on the day. 

Want more tips for getting the best candid pictures? Talk with an experienced wedding photography service today. Together, you and your photographers can craft the right moments to capture the unexpected moments that make for memories.