How To Take Great Looking Professional Headshots

16 July 2020
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Do you need to have some professional headshots taken, but not sure what to do? These tips will ensure that they turn out great and are something that you will be proud of.

Dress Normally

Many people make the mistake of dressing up for their headshot in a special outfit that they don't normally wear. Even if you look great, this may not be how you look every day. You don't want to show up to an audition looking very different from your headshot since it should look just like you would dress for the audition. This extends to make up as well. Don't put on makeup that you don't usually wear, since it will be a mismatch at your audition. 

Treat It Like A Performance

It is important that you treat your photo session for your headshots as if it was a performance. The photographer is not going to make magic happen with their camera alone so you need to put in the energy to make it as if it is a performance. You would be surprised at how different the photos turn out when you act as if you are trying to sell yourself to the camera and make that bigger connection in your photographs. 

Be Loose

You'll be pretty stationary during the photoshoot with having to hold the same position for a very long period of time. It is important that you stay loose in between photos so that your body does not look stiff. It's the same reason why someone looks weird if they hold their smile for too long. Even though you may have to stay in the same place, move your arms, your shoulders, neck to get your body feeling loose and comfortable. 

Maintain Good Posture

Bad posture can potentially ruin a headshot since a rounded spine can make you feel disconnected in your photos. Straightening out your spine and rolling your shoulders back can make a photo feel dramatically different. While there may be times where you are asked to lean forward for a quick shot, try to keep your posture in mind at all times.

Look Into The Camera

The best photos are going to be the ones where you are looking into the camera lens directly, which helps your photos connect with the person looking at the final photos. If you are looking slightly away from the center of the lens, you'll be missing that direct eye contact in the photos that make them stand out in a good way.