Biggest Don'ts To Avoid When Taking Black And White Wedding Photos

6 March 2020
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There is nothing more timeless and classic than black and white wedding photos. If you are looking to save money, you could ask a friend or family member to take black and white wedding photos for you. However, there are several ways that this might become a mistake.

Don't Overuse Gimmicks

Black and white photos are easy to create using any digital camera because you can simply use a photo editing program to convert the image to black and white. If you are doing so, you might be excited by some of the features available, such as the ability to use layers to not make everything black and white. However, this approach is sometimes considered dated because it has been used for over a decade and is no longer novel.

Don't Convert Every Photo Into Black and White

While you could turn some of your photos into black and white images, you may want to keep others in color. For instance, there might be a striking color in a bouquet that you want to preserve. Black and white photos are great for when you're trying to get around difficult lighting situations, or when you want to create a more emotional picture. However, it's not always the best option.

When trying to decide which photos to convert into black and white, look for pictures that have imperfections. If a family member has a red and irritated skin rash, this will not show up in a black and white image. 

If you want your black and white photos to last the longest, don't print them simply on photo paper. Instead, print them on archival fiber paper. While they are more expensive, they will also last much longer.

Photos taken of the reception area are often left in full color. There are so many colors, from the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers and the beauty of the venue. Your reception might look more generic if you convert the photos into black and white. But if you aren't sure, experiment with both styles to see what you think works best for each shot.

Don't Let Your Photos Be Taken By Someone Less Experienced

The best way to have black and white wedding photos taken is to have them taken by a professional wedding photographer. Then, you won't have to worry about making common mistakes that will lead to your wedding photos not turning out how you would like them to be.