Avoid Profile Picture Perils By Getting A Good Headshot For Your Web Presence

26 February 2020
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With easy access to cell phones, and the ability to snap a quick selfie to use as your profile picture on social media or business websites, you may wonder why you would ever need a professional headshot. While it's true that cell phone cameras can take impressive photos, they are still no substitute for a great headshot to use for your presence on the web. A good headshot can enhance your presence on the web and will help you achieve your own unique brand.

Avoid a bad first impression

Potential clients surfing the web for services may only spend seconds on a web page. This makes it vital to make a good first impression. A poorly done photograph can distract rather than attract others to your business.

For instance, a photo shot from an unusual angle, which is often the case with a selfie, isn't likely to impress anyone. Profile pictures that contain a lot of background items are also distracting. A good headshot will focus on you and will help you make the best impression on your website visitors.

Avoid lack of professionalism

Whether you're a blogger or have products to sell online, your website is your storefront to the world. With all the competition online, you can't afford to have a front page that lacks professionalism. Even the best-designed website can be tarnished by a cheap-looking photo.

Hiring a photographer to capture a great headshot is the perfect finishing touch to a well-designed website. It shows potential viewers and clients that you care enough to take the extra step to design a web presence that's attractive and professional.

Avoid neglecting to establish your brand

Whether you have a social media page or website, your unique brand is what sets you apart from the rest of the world. Finding the right slogan or title for your blog, social media page, or website is helpful for establishing a presence, but it's possible there will be similar slogans and titles on the web vying for attention. However, nobody else has your headshot, and your profile picture helps people connect to you and the services you provide.

If your present profile picture is outdated, lacks professionalism, or is one you snapped as a selfie, it's time to contact a photographer to schedule a headshot session. The cost is typically minimal, but the results can make a massive difference in how others view you and the services you offer. First impressions matter, so make your first impression on the web one that stands out to potential clients and customers.

For more information about headshots, contact a local photographer.