How To Be A Great Subject For Business Headshots

25 February 2020
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Showing off the faces of the team is a big part of running many types of businesses, and that's where headshots come into the picture. They're in corporate marketing materials, on websites, and in a range of products for internal and public consumption. If you're going to work with a business headshot photographer, you should make your best effort to be a good subject. Here are four tips on how you can contribute to producing excellent business headshots.

Have Hair and Makeup Ready

Yes, this applies even if you think of yourself as a person who doesn't do such things. Unless your company has a very punk brand — and it probably doesn't — runaway hair shouldn't be happening. Depending on your needs, have a professional makeup artist prepare each subject for between 30 minutes and an hour before shooting.

Give everyone equal treatment, too. Making the big wigs look glamorous and everyone else a little unprepared says a lot about a company.

Don't Talk

This is important because the first thing many folks start talking about is not wanting to be photographed, and that's a rabbit hole of nervousness and discomfort you don't want to go down. Stay focused on the fundamentals, listening to the headshot photographer about positioning and posing. Unless you have a relevant question to how you'll be positioned, posed, and lit, keep it quiet.

Know Your Smile

Everyone has a bit of a different smile, and the important thing is to smile in a manner that's authentic for you. Look at yourself in the mirror and think about a good memory that makes you smile. Note that your face feels and looks like at that moment and try to retain that for when you do your headshots.

If you feel a tad unclear on this on the day of a shoot, simply ask the photographer. They'll work with you on a few things, like smiling with your mouth open or shut, to figure out what works best for you.

Do a Preflight Check

Get in front of a mirror just before you shoot, even if you already sat with a makeup artist. Check everything that's going to end up in the photo. Is your hair in place? Do you need to adjust a tie or a necklace? Are there any fuzzies on your jacket? Especially in the era of high-definition photography, it's a good idea to be fastidious in grooming yourself for business headshots.