The Top Questions About Wedding Photo Packages Answered

20 February 2020
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What should you look for in wedding photo packages? As you plan your dream day, take a look at the top questions couples have about their photography options.

What Is the Base Package?

You want to remember your big day forever. But you don't want to spend your entire wedding budget on prints. Ask the photographer about their base package. This is the most basic option they offer—and typically the least expensive. The specific number of images you'll have digital access to or prints you'll get vary based on the photographer.

Is There an Extra Charge for Additional Photographers?

Does your wedding require multiple photographers to shoot pictures from different areas or angles? Keep in mind, the package itself may only include one photographer. Some photographers may have the ability to accommodate a second camera request, but at a higher rate.

Along with a second photographer, some companies may charge more for additional assistants to set up equipment or help with complex shots. Talk to your potential photographer about how many assistants they need and whether these helpers come at an additional charge.

Are There Extra Service Available?

A second photographer isn't the only photo add-on some couples want. While a base package may include continuous coverage of the ceremony and reception, images, an online gallery, downloads, prints, or other photo basics, you may want more.

Discuss package add-ons with the photographer prior to your bid day. These vary by photographer, as do the prices. Popular picks couples often look for include engagement photos, rehearsal dinner coverage, photo books or albums, pre- or post-wedding sessions, image editing, or specialized portrait types.

What Are Your Digital Policies?

The basic package may not include open access to the photographer's digital library. If you'd like an online gallery to print from or share with friends and family, ask about additional charges. Some wedding photographers prohibit free distribution of their photos (of your event) on social media, via email, or through other digital options.

Is the Copyright Included?

Copyright is the main issue you may find with digital distribution. Ask if the photographer's package includes the copyright to the photos or if they'll retain it.

From the most basic to extravagant add-ons, wedding photography packages vary when it comes to size, complexity, and price. Luckily, this means you have plenty of options. Before you make a choice, talk to the photographer about what they offer and what they feel will work best for your big day.