How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Photography

19 February 2020
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Top-quality wedding photography is essential to remembering the day of your marriage. It's smart to do more than just depend on the photographer to think things through. Here are four ways you can make the most of hiring a wedding photographer.

Do Some Shoots Early

As exciting as it is to capture the moments that occur during a wedding and the following reception, the reality is that staging certain photos earlier can make a huge difference. For example, you may be able to gather guests who you want in photos a day or two before the wedding to do shoots with everyone in their best clothes. This makes it much easier to get hair and makeup done right, too. Even if you have to stage a few shots between the wedding and the reception, it's a good idea to take photos while things have cooled down a bit.

Think About the Line of Sight for the Photographer

Most venues for weddings are going to have aisles and places for guests to come into the location. It's important to make sure that the best lines of sight to where the ceremony will take place won't be blocked or occupied. Ask your wedding photographer to walk around the location, and have a few people stand at the front of the event area so they can see what the location looks like. Mark these spots the photographer identifies as good so you can keep folks out of those areas.

Get the Schedule Straight

You'll want anyone who needs to be in photos to know when they are needed. If you hold your ceremony at 3 pm and the reception at 7 pm, for example, make sure anyone who'll be in photos between those times knows where they'll be needed and when. Likewise, confirm that any hair and makeup needs those guests might have are accounted for. And yes, that means also making sure anyone who's doing hair and makeup for folks will also be on the same schedule.

Discuss Any Shooting Ideas in Advance

Nothing is a bigger pain for a wedding photographer than implementing a customer's ideas on the fly. If you have ideas you want to try, discuss them early on in the process. Also, listen to the photographer when they bounce ideas back at you. They have experience, and following their directions can take an okay idea and make it into a great shoot.