Should You Have Old Photos Retouched When Having Them Scanned?

19 February 2021
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Scanning old physical photographs into digital form helps preserve the photos in case the originals are lost. Because the photos are now being turned into digital files, you have the opportunity to retouch or fix them. For much older photos that have faded, this retouching can bring out new detail, but it can also make the picture look like it's been retouched if the person using the software goes overboard with the tools. Read More 

About Camera Lenses

9 February 2021
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If you are interested in photography, then you should understand the basics of professional quality cameras. When you want to take professional photographs, you are going to need a camera that is capable of taking high-quality pictures. The camera will need to take pictures in different settings. You will want to have a camera that can zoom in and out and you'll need one that can take great-looking pictures in all types of lighting. Read More 

Working With A Real Estate Photographer To Get The Perfect Shots For Your Listing

19 January 2021
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When you are listing a property for sale either through a real estate agent or on your own, one of the things that can be helpful is good photographs to go with the listing. In today's competitive real estate market, real estate aerial photography can showcase a property, make your listing stand out, and attract potential buyers if it is done right. The Big Picture There are a lot of professional photographers that can provide photos that will stand out. Read More 

How To Hire A Beauty Photographer To Help Build Your Brand

23 December 2020
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People that are their own brand don't have the luxury of not being the face of it. What this means is that you will generally have to take more photographs than the average person. If this is your life, you also probably recognize that you are always an angle, lens, or lighting setup away from either an amazing or an unusable photo. You need the help of a beauty photographer who has an eye for the work more than anything else. Read More 

Top Tips For Shooting Great Underwater Video

2 December 2020
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You may have been shooting video on land for a while now and have gotten really good at it. You may have decided that you would like to try your hand at underwater videography now. You may love to scuba dive or snorkel and you want to capture some of the wonder of being under the sea. Shooting video underwater is a bit different than on land. It takes great diving skills as well as a good eye. Read More