Non-Lingerie Clothing Options For A Boudoir Photoshoot

15 June 2022
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It's common for women to wear lingerie when they pose for a boudoir photoshoot, but this isn't the only option. If you feel a little shy in lingerie, there are many other ways that you can choose to dress. It can be fun to evaluate your choices, perhaps by browsing the sample photo gallery on your photographer's website. You may wish to consult your partner to come up with ideas together, but it can alternatively be fun to choose a look on your own and surprise them once your photos are available. Read More 

Tips When Choosing Custom Photography Backdrops For Corporate Events

11 May 2022
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If you plan on holding a corporate event, you may want to provide photo opportunities for those in attendance. In that case, it's a good idea to invest in custom-designed photo backdrops because then photos will look more unique and professional. You just need to approach this design process in the following ways. Think About the Theme of Your Event There's probably a particular theme for the corporate event you're looking to throw and host. Read More 

Having Your Important Pictures Framed By A Professional Service

28 March 2022
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If you have sentimental or other important pictures, having them professionally framed can be an important step for those that are wanting to display them. However, there are some individuals that will simply not have much experience with having their pictures professionally framed, and this can lead to them having a poor understanding of what they should expect from this process. Below are some important things to remember when having your pictures professionally framed. Read More 

Hire A Family Photographer When Your Child Graduates From College

23 February 2022
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A child's college graduation is one of the biggest moments in the life of your family, so you'll want to document it in several ways. Attending the graduation ceremony and snapping your own photos will be important, but you may wish to hire a local photographer who specializes in family photo shoots to capture some images on the campus at a later date. Even if you order the college's official graduation portraits of your child, it can be nice to have some additional, professional-quality photos to display in your home and share with family. Read More 

Tips For Finding A Great Adventure Elopement Photographer

19 January 2022
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Eloping is a special way to get married, and an adventure elopement only makes the occasion more unique. If you're eloping out-of-town, make sure you memorialize the wedding with excellent pictures -- pictures that you can display for your own recall and that you can show people who weren't there. These tips will help you find a great photographer to take the photos. Find a Photographer in the Area Choose a photographer who's local to the area where you're going for the elopement. Read More