Why You Should Book A Family Portrait During A Cottage Visit

20 October 2020
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When you arrange to have a local photographer shoot a portrait of your family, you'll have your choice of the venue. Some people visit the photographer's studio, while others prefer the familiar environment of the home. There are other options to consider, however. If your family owns a cottage, you might wish to think about having the photography professional meet you at this location. If this idea appeals to you, consider choosing a photographer who works close to the cottage, as this will prevent excess travel costs. Read More 

Having a Wedding Video Made? Ask About These 3 Things

11 September 2020
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Have you decided to hire a videographer to capture your wedding day on video? If so, it will have to ask the following three things to ensure your final video meets your expectations. 1. What Will Be Filmed Before the Ceremony? You do not want to be caught off guard to find out that your wedding videographer is not going to be following you around for the entire day. You will want to make clear if they will be traveling to visit the bride and groom before the ceremony takes place. Read More 

Tips To Find The Right Photographer For Your Wedding

24 August 2020
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Planning a wedding is an exciting yet overwhelming adventure. You want your wedding to be perfect, including the photos that you have to record your special day. However, finding the photographer that's right for you can be overwhelming sometimes. When you've never hired a photographer before, you might not know what to look for. Here's a look at some things you should think about when you're looking for a wedding photographer. Read More 

5 Tips To Capture Great Wedding Day Candid Photos

13 August 2020
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Candid shots often end up being the unexpected surprises that make your wedding album great. But — counter-intuitively — getting the best candid photos takes a little planning. How can you set up an atmosphere that lends itself to great candids? Here are a few tips any bride or groom can try. 1. Hire a Second Photographer. The more your photographer is wandering around the venue, interacting with people, and finding unexpected angles, the more opportunities they have to capture all the emotions and surprises. Read More 

Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Photographs at the Beach

4 August 2020
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A beach is a naturally beautiful location to take a photograph. However, if you make one of several common beach photography mistakes, your beach photographs might not turn out as you intended. Crooked Horizons There are several reasons why your horizon might be crooked. This is often the result of not holding the camera properly. If you are not taking the time to take your shot, the horizon will be more likely to be crooked. Read More