Top Tips For Shooting Great Underwater Video

2 December 2020
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You may have been shooting video on land for a while now and have gotten really good at it. You may have decided that you would like to try your hand at underwater videography now. You may love to scuba dive or snorkel and you want to capture some of the wonder of being under the sea.

Shooting video underwater is a bit different than on land. It takes great diving skills as well as a good eye. Here are some tips for shooting great underwater videos that you can be proud of.

Keep The Camera As Steady As Possible

You may have learned the importance of keeping your video camera steady when shooting video while on dry land. When you make too sudden of movements, it's difficult for the viewer's eye to keep up with the camera movements and in some cases, your audience might feel a little seasick. The same is true for underwater videography. You should try to keep the camera as steady as possible.

It's not always easy to keep your camera steady in the water, as the currents and waves can buffer you and the camera a bit. In order to combat this, keep the camera as close to you as possible. Hold your arms close to the side of your body as you can get. This can help stabilize the camera. You can opt for a camera with an internal stabilizer system too, but they are more expensive.

Also, you could opt to use a tripod if you plan to stay in one area to shoot fish or coral for a while. The tripod can help keep your shots steady as you can anchor it to the seabed.

Keep The Camera On Your Subject For A Few Seconds

While there might be a lot going on around you while you are diving and taking video, for the best underwater videography possible, keep your camera on your subject for a few seconds. It might be tempting to get a shot, then zoom in and then move on to another subject swimming by or that catches your attention, but the constant movement can make your images unsteady and not enjoyable to watch.

Instead, count in your head for a few seconds while you hold the camera and shoot your chosen subject. Don't zoom right away, and when you do, hold that position for a few more seconds. This will give you more usable footage and your audience can really enjoy the experience with you.

Take Some Video While Swimming

To make underwater videography interesting to the general audience, it's a good idea to mix up your shots and scenes. For example, you can shoot a video of beautiful coral and plant life in one area, and then a school of fish in another. To make the video really interesting, swim around for a while taking video for an action shot.

This might take some practice to get perfect but it can be worth it. Pan your camera around you by twisting at the waist to help keep your camera steady. If you plan to swim while shooting video, a stabilizer in your camera is probably your best bet to keep your shots steady.