Why You Should Book A Family Portrait During A Cottage Visit

20 October 2020
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When you arrange to have a local photographer shoot a portrait of your family, you'll have your choice of the venue. Some people visit the photographer's studio, while others prefer the familiar environment of the home. There are other options to consider, however. If your family owns a cottage, you might wish to think about having the photography professional meet you at this location. If this idea appeals to you, consider choosing a photographer who works close to the cottage, as this will prevent excess travel costs. Here are some reasons to book your family portrait at the cottage.

There Are Lots Of Backdrop Options

The picturesque environment of the cottage often offers a wide range of photogenic backdrop options. For example, your family might think about posing on the dock or along the shoreline with the lake in the background. Or, if you're booking your photo session in the fall, the color of the fall leaves can serve as a breathtaking background. Indoors, there are lots of options, too. If your cottage has a rustic fireplace with a large stone hearth, you might think about sitting on the hearth with the fire blazing in the background.

Everyone Should Feel Relaxed

A lot of people visit their cottages as a form of relaxation. After you and your family have had a long week of work and school, the idea of loading up your vehicle and traveling to the cottage for a weekend of relaxing, swimming, sitting around the campfire, and other similar activities can all help you to unwind. You may wish to think about booking your family portrait session for the cottage because this is a relaxing environment for you. It's important to be relaxed for your photo session — otherwise, you might appear tense and serious in the photos, which isn't what you want.

You Have No Shortage Of Props

If you book your family portrait session for the cottage, you'll have no shortage of props to use. Adding props to a photoshoot can be fun — especially for your children. For example, if you might decide to stand in front of your canoe and each hold a paddle and wear a lifejacket if you're looking for a creative idea. Or, you might build a fire in your outdoor fire pit and each holds a stick with a marshmallow skewered on the end of it. Contact a local family portrait photographer to book a session.